Play Piano in a Flash

Welcome to Play Piano in a Flash Class where you will learn to play your favorite songs on the piano in a fun relaxed atmosphere without complicated sheet music. Listed below are class times and locations where you can begin to learn this exciting technique. The class is taught by Don Nichols a professional player and worship leader at Levy Baptist who uses this method of playing exclusively. Scott "the Piano Guy" Houston designed the classes to make the experience fun and rewarding.

You will also notice some you tube links listed. Feel free to explore my you tube channel where you will find songs demos as well as student videos.

The cost of the 8 week class is $220, which includes 8 one hour sessions, individual time as needed, all materials and a registration fee.

Book 1, Gospel Edition,  Tuesday 9:30 a.m. - 10:30 a.m. beginning July 9th (1 hour weekly)
Levy Baptist Church, North Little Rock

Call for other class times